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You were created to be an overcomer!


God did not create you to live in defeat. Dr. David Jeremiah’s new book, Overcomer, will show you how to overcome weakness with strength, falsehood with truth, anxiety with peace, death with life, and more. Following the Apostle Paul’s instructions to “put on the armor of God,” Dr. Jeremiah will help you to find spiritual victory and freedom.


For your gift of support: TBN wants to send you Overcomer to help you find renewed strength and claim the promises of God’s Word to overcome life’s greatest threats.


For your gift of $60 or more: To further assist you in overcoming, Sheila Walsh’s powerful book It’s Okay Not to Be Okay provides practical, doable steps to help you move forward, knowing God will never let you down. She encourages you to face the pain head-on and then start again, from right where you are.


For your gift of $125 or more: To take you into a deeper level of study, you will receive an amazing teaching series on 5 CDs and 5 DVDs, bringing to life the powerful messages contained in David Jeremiah’s new book, Overcomer.


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